The Benefits of Choosing Magnetic Name Badge Backings

The Benefits of Choosing Magnetic Name Badge Backings

Retail businesses, sororities, restaurants, hotels, and various companies utilize custom name badges for multiple purposes. Employee name tags communicate essential information to guests, clients, and customers, identifying who can assist them, who is part of the establishment, or who belongs to the team. Unlike other uniform elements, a professional name tag individualizes each person. They are invaluable for identifying participants at events and enhancing security.

Name tags serve a multitude of functions for businesses and organizations, ranging from security to branding. At The Pins Store, we offer an extensive selection of shapes, sizes, types, and styles. Choosing the appropriate name tag can significantly impact a company or organization in ways you may not anticipate. One critical decision when ordering name tags is the type of backing you prefer. The primary options are pin backing and magnetic backing, with bulldog clips commonly used for photo IDs and name badges. While the backing may seem inconsequential, it can make a substantial difference. Here are several reasons to consider magnetic backing.

Protecting Clothing with Magnetic Name Badges

Pin backings secure name tags effectively but can damage uniforms or clothing when worn repeatedly. Magnetic name tags eliminate this issue, ensuring no damage to clothing even with frequent use. They are suitable for any attire, from suits to fast food uniforms, maintaining the integrity of the fabric while continuing to identify employees or staff.

Effortless Attachment and Removal

Attaching and detaching pin-backed name badges can be tedious. Magnetic name tags simplify this process, providing easy and secure placement through strong magnets. This secure attachment also enhances the professional appearance of the name tag.

Versatility Across All Materials

Magnetic name tags are gentle on all types of fabric, making them safe for any material. Whether you’re wearing a business suit or a delicate chiffon or silk top, magnetic name tags will not pierce or damage the fabric, unlike traditional pin backings.

The Mechanics Behind Magnetic Name Tags

Company name badges are constructed from durable metal or plastic. A metal bar is affixed to the name tag, and the three-button magnetic bar is removable. By placing the magnetic bar under the clothing and pressing the name badge onto it, the badge is held securely in place.

Ready to Purchase Magnetic Name Badges?

Magnetic name tags are increasingly popular. At The Pins Store, we strive to make the ordering process straightforward. You can place your order by using our convenient online form. Contact The Pins Store through your preferred method to get started on your order today!

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